First 14’er since moving to Colorado!

While the route is deemed to be a “difficult class 2”, we found it to be 75% class 2 hike, 15% class 2 ankle-breaking boulders, and 10% class 3 scrambling.

Here’s me at the top of a crazy-steep loose-dirt and rocks climb into some crazy saddle that leads up to a brutal false summit.

Two of the three (myself and Friend A) in our party made it to the summit. The third (Friend R) opted to wait below the false summit (a smart move). He had fun fending off harassment from the local mountain goat population.

Really the summit? We could be cheating.

Both Friends A and R traveled from KC. Friend A made a declaration that we should camp as far from civilization as possible. No problem! So little population that wild strawberry vines covered the remainder of the campsite that was not under a giant ant hill!

Go home poison ivy, nobody likes you.

Fortunately we did have great views, as is the norm in the high country of Colorado.

Camping below mountains is rare and novel in Colorado.