On somewhat of a whim I decided that I was going to take a shot at riding the 100 miles of White Rim Road in a single day. I prepared as much as I could, including finding a way to strap 7L of water to my bike.

I parked at the bottom of the Schafer switchbacks, thinking I would tackle those first with fresh legs and cold (30’s) weather.

Unfortunately fate was against me and I flatted just as I hit pavement around mile 7. At the same time, I discovered that my mini pump was fried from years of dust and I didn’t have enough other recovery parts to fix another flat if it happened again. I aborted the attempt and floated back down Schafer to the van.

Not to be deterred, I had brought both my hardtail and my trail bike and hopped on the Jeffsy for a lap of Hymasa and Ahab, where I had broken an axle two years prior on my first trail ever in Moab.

This time I felt super confident and crushed it on the way up and down.

Since I had planned for a 12-15 hour day, I wasn’t done yet and cruised over to Navajo Rocks.

Finally after completing a full lap, breaking a spoke, and trashing the Boa on my shoes, I called it a day and packed up to head back to Denver.