I was after miles and it was getting toward the end of the season in the Rockies.

Having never ridden Evergreen trails at all, I jetted up there with my Jeffsy and lapped around Alderfer/Three Sisters before making the truly awful decision of riding up the pavement to Elk Meadows. I started up the black-diamond climb of Bergen Peak and just bonked. Not wanting to “waste” all of my effort getting up here, I hopped onto the gravel path and went as far as I could before turning around and coasting back down to the van parked at the end of Dedisse.

These are some really high quality trails but they feel anything but remote. Evergreen is overrun with people and it got hard to keep any speed as there were hikers and bikers and off-leash dogs all over the place.

I will be back, likely for a dawn patrol of hopefully empty trails.