I just bought a new set of Nashbar Reduced Radius Rollers. Upon discovery of my new toy, my aunt declares “I have rollers in the basement that you can have!”

I don’t need two sets of rollers, but I thought that I would check them out.

They are industry-leading Kreitler. Plastic drums adorn a folding black steel frame, complete with fork stand. These are classics, she indicates that they are likely 30 years old. The drive band had long ago solidified and it broke apart into brittle plastic chunks.

Ye Olde Kreitlers KreitlersFork Stand

Still Worthwhile

The bearings are still in great shape, so they are definitely worth fixing. I’m going to pick up a new drive band and probably pass the rollers along to my cousin who lives in the middle of rural Nebraska.

You can check out Kreitler’s contemporary products. They are not cheap, but lots of people swear by them.