In all of my time training for triathlons and mountain biking, I have never owned a bike with a power meter. My first taste of power came from Zwift and TrainerRoad using the vPower to calculate power from the speed of my Kurt Kinetic wheel-on trainer.

Last fall I picked up a Tacx Neo 2T (before they all disappeared for the COVID winter) and it, along with TrainerRoad, has revolutionized my training and motivation.

This year I am investing heavily in training for cross country marathon events and I decided to go all out and slap a power meter onto my brand new Canyon Lux. Installation was super easy and the integration with the Garmin Edge 530 is awesome. I was able to complete the entire workout using our local paved trail that leads to a large dirt playground with enough dirt miles (a couple) to keep the intervals interesting.

Probably the most illuminating bit of information to come from using a power meter is that I am seriously inconsistent on dirt. I gather that is a normal phenomenon but I also recognize that the ability to hold steady, sustainable power across flat-ish terrain is a real skill that will benefit me for my shot at White Rim this fall.

Since this was also my first time using power on the Edge 530, I was also blown away by how seamlessly it works with workouts synchronized from TrainerRoad.

The results were awesome. I am up and down and all around, including a peak of 866w! (For reference, I am a very slow sport rider around 2.8w/kg). I also learned that I am terrible at “resting”. Any time the power target dropped below 100w, I had a very hard time getting down that low and tended to sit between 110w and 130w.

Even though I am not sure how to analyze all of this data yet, the ability to execute structured workouts outside is going to be a game-changer for my motivation. I already want to do a second ride today just for fun.

Cheers and happy riding!