If you ride in the dark, do yourself a favor and pick up a front and rear safety light. Your family will thank you when you’re around for your kid’s graduation.

I have tried a couple lights and settled on my favorite, which also happens to be the cheapest that I’ve used.  It’s the MetroFlash Safety Zone Tail Light.  Fancy name for a bike tail light.

What does it do?


It lights up. Really you need it to do two things: light up solid and flash. A solid light is useful on trails when you’re riding with others and don’t want to cause epileptic seizures. The flash is for when you’re on the road and want maximum visibility.  On the road you’re less worried about annoying drivers and more worried about getting them to look up from their smartphones. I’d rather encounter an annoyed driver than an oblivious one.

What’s different about it?

Specifically the flash on this one is different from the more expensive alternatives.  Some lights tout that they have some special pattern that will make you more safe, but the simple fact is that, even if there are two LED’s, if they don’t both turn off at the same time the special pattern just looks like a twinkling solid light. The device needs to alternate from completely black to full intensity at a rate that is able to be recognized. If it flashes close to the speed of a strobe light, it’s too fast and is not going to draw maximum attention.

This light flashes at what I think is the perfect rate.  It’s probably somewhere around 2hz (two flashes per second), and it is very bright.

Also it’s cheap (~$15) and uses the same two AAA batteries that my other lights use.

Buy one for yourself or a friend and help save lives on the road. It’s cheap insurance.

MetroFlash Safety Zone Tail Light