Did I mention I’m also an aspiring rock climber?

Like many other sports, rock climbing is dependent on technique, finesse, and, most importantly, massive forearms. When you first start climbing, your mentors are quick to remind you to let your legs do the heavy lifting. After awhile, however, core and grip strength start to become the bottleneck for many people.

There are various methods for training grip strength, including this, this, these, and this. However, my favorite method is to combine grip training with pull-ups using a finger board. 1000w

This is the exact board that I have hung in my bathroom.  It’s hung above the door to the closet, where it is out of the way and I can use it in the morning without getting dressed. I have improved my grip strength and climbing ability dramatically just by doing a few pull-ups every day. The varying sizes of pockets allow many different hand configurations. If a full-hand grip is too easy, try two or three fingers. If a deep pocket is too easy, try a shallow pocket where only your first knuckle fits. It also doubles as a great pull-up bar for powering out those quick sets, putting you well on your way to those massive forearms.