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New Shoe Day

After rocking some Mythos (AMZN) for a couple years, I wanted some cheaper shoes that I felt comfortable tearing up in the gym with smears and not-so-graceful foot placements. A friend just acquired a pair of Tarantula’s (AMZN), so I figured I would try their laced siblings, La Sportiva Tarantulace (AMZN).

I LOVE the Mythos. They are exceptionally comfortable, and I often leave them on all day while climbing partners may take their shoes off to belay. However, they are rather pricey for gym shoes, so I picked up the Tarantulace’s on sale for half the price of a pair of Mythos.

After they get some mileage, I’ll post up some action shots. I’ll be using them outdoor this month to get them broken in and compare them directly agains the Mythos.

Thanks for reading!