I’ve been an avid cyclist since I worked for Perceptive Software and decided to try my hand at commuting by bicycle for the 12-mile one-way ride.  At the time, I couldn’t quite reach the point of commuting daily, primarily due to insufficient fitness levels.

Now that I work downtown, I miss the opportunities to bike to work and wish that I had ramped up to being a daily bike commuter, as I have gained the requisite fitness levels and love cycling.

A Suitable Alternative

Thanks to a coworker, I discovered that there is an express bus that picks up a short drive from my house and delivers me close to my office within a reasonable amount of time.

I decided to give it a shot this week and have been overjoyed at the success.

It would probably help if I indicated that I absolutely abhor driving downtown. It is by far the worst, most stressful part of my day.  Roughly 20 miles one-way in a 2000 4Runner on KC’s busiest highways is not fun.

Mass transit in Kansas City is almost nonexistent outside of the city center, and even then it’s just a handful of buses that go to popular destinations.  The city has been talking about light rail for some time, but nothing has ever moved anywhere.  People just like their cars… a lot.

So I was ecstatic upon discovering that one of the few bus-able destinations was close to my home.  It has given me some time to relax, participate in online socializing, and talking with my coworker who rides the same bus.

After awhile of taking the bus, I’m going to do a cost comparison between the bus and car commuting. I expect significant results.

Check it out and see if there’s a route near you. It’s worth it just to avoid the awful traffic!

The Jo