tl;dr: 15 minutes of 5BX, shower, 45 minutes of solid programming, complete breakfast (including for my son), then a shuttle to my mother’s house, and a commute to downtown to start work at 7:45am.

When I graduated college and started working my first real job, it was pretty typical for me to get out of bed at 7am to get to work by 8.  I wasn’t even stopping for breakfast, instead opting for a cup of oatmeal at my desk.

Eventually, I decided to shift my working hours to start at 7:30 in order to take advantage of the after-work hours, and thus the drag-myself-out-of-bed-time reached 6:30.

Turning Point

Then my son came along, prompting more early-morning responsibility which drove me to get out of bed at 5:45, then 5:30, then 5:20.

After that, my wife concluded that the only available time in the day during which she could go to the gym was 5:00am, a reasonable assessment for a busy electrical engineer.

Now at this point I could probably just hit snooze and roll around in bed for another twenty minutes, but that’s just not my style.

New Habits

Instead, I decided to pick up some healthy habits. I now do daily calisthenics and cook a full, hot breakfast for myself and my son (my wife is usually still at the gym by the time I leave for work).

05:00 – Alarm sounds
05:05 – 10 minutes of 5BX (more on that later)
05:15 – Shower
05:30 – 45 minutes of power-programming
06:15 – Complete breakfast (eggs w/ peppers & onions, toast w/ almondbutter)
06:20 – Son out of bed, dressed, fed 06:45 – Shuttle son to daycare at my mom’s
07:00 – Catch bus to downtown Kansas City 07:45 – Acquire tea and lay down some code